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This site was originally started as a repository of information revolving around the Usenet Newsgroup rec.motorcycles.dirt (RMD). RMD is a discussion group where all forms of off-road motorcycles are addressed. Read RMD via Google Groups

Way back, before Al Gore "invented" the current version of the Internet and long before the advent and rise of the web based Forums, there was Usenet [wiki article]. Those of us who wanted to communicate with other individuals with similar interests found Usenet and it's collection of "Newsgroups", arranged in a hierarchy with top levels something like: computers, science, social, recreational etc. The hierarchy then cascaded down according to more specific interests. There was a rec.motorcyles, rec.motorcycles.sportbike, rec.motorcycles.harley etc. We dirt bikers found rec.motorcycles.dirt.

I started reading and posting to RMD sometime in 1996 and it seemed the heyday of the group was from about that time to 2003 or so. During it's peak there were several hundred active members of the group. While RMD had members from all over the globe, the majority were from the USA. We came from all geographical locations to discuss and share our love, passion and addiction to riding motorcycles off road.

birth of the idaho spodefest

Sometime in 1997 a group of RMD'ers in the Southeast decided to get together for a weekend of riding near Atlanta, GA. About a dozen or so people attended, some meeting the others "in person" for the first time. Somehow, the gathering assumed the name "SpodeFest". "What is a Spode and why are they festing", you ask? From my friend Mike Hetrick (OldFart) after attending the first Idaho SpodeFest in 1998:

Spode- An inept rider lacking in natural talent. This rider often thinks they are much better than they are.
Fest- Shortened from festival. A gathering of people of like interests where much joy and frivolity take place.
SpodeFest- A gathering of inept riders lacking in natural talent in which much joy and frivolity take place.

This first Fest sounded like a good idea and before we knew it, there were three more that year. One was held in Texas, one in Colorado and one in Oregon. I attended the North West Fest, held in October just east of Bend, OR. There were about 15 of us, from Idaho, Washington, California and Oregon for three days of camping and riding. During one of the evening campfire bench racing sessions, I offhandedly remarked, "I should put on one of these in Idaho next year". I had only been riding the Idaho single track trail system for about a year and, as I would quickly discover, didn't really know many of the trails and/or riding areas. However, I did know from what I had already ridden, we had some great terrain to offer in SW Idaho.

Well, even though I thought nobody was listening to my Idaho Fest offer, the next spring one of the guys sitting around that fire called me out. Dennis Kennedy posted a message to RMD saying, "Hey David, how about it, are we Festing in Idaho this year?" On the spot and not really realizing what I was getting into, I said "Yes". I could go into the details on what I went through to organize the Fest, but I think my buddy Mike Hetrick said it well here: Anatomy of a SpodeFest

Thus began a long and successful run of Idaho SpodeFests (ISF). The first one was held in 1998 at Baumgartner CG in the Sawtooth NF. The Colorado boys put on a Fest in 1999, which I attended, so no ISF that year. In 2000 we moved the location a bit farther east to the upper end of the Stanley Basin at Chemeketan CG. We used the same location for 2001 then moved back to Baumgartner, where we've gathered every year since. Baumgartner seems to be everyone's favorite and offers the best combination of the sheer number of accessible trails (loops and destinations), good dispersed camping, right on the beautiful South Fork of the Boise River (swimming, floating, fishing, bathing) and the USFS campground has a public hot springs pool/tub.

For more information, photos and SpodeFest reports, see the Photo Page

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