Misc Links

Babel Fish Translate text or entire web sites from one language to another.
Currency Exchange Rates The Universal Currency Converter™
http://www.anywho.com/ Yellow Page - Cross-referenced White Pages reverse lookup.
Google Groups  Search all the Usenet newsgroups - Go right to rec.moto.dirt 
Dialectizer  Change text to various humorous "dialects" including Elmer Fudd!
Dirt Bike Checks - MX theme 
Free Agent    Download Forte's Free Agent, a free version of Agent, a dedicated news reader and email program.
Google Earth
  Offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches.
Interactive Weather Information Network
Internet Acronyms    http://www.solscape.com/chat/acronyms.html
Metric to Inch
  Conversions, or inch to metric
Metric to inch  Online conversions of most weights, measures and much more
More Converters & calculators
Volume unit conversions
Volume Conversion Calculator This calculator will let you convert between various volume measurements with a few quick clicks of your mouse.
Microsoft® TerraServer   Presenting the earth in a mosaic of photographic imagery.
Nylon & Alloys Ltd.   Distributors of Nylon, Aluminum Alloy and Titanium Fasteners.
Make Short Links
  Take long URL and generate a shorter address
Sprocket Ratio Chart
Weather Planner http://www.weatherplanner.com 
Webshots All kinds of wallpaper
Webtime  Synchronize your PC's internal real-time clock with any one of several atomic clocks.   Free download.